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The International Journal of Haptonomy and Haptotherapy is an independent peer-reviewed multidisciplinary academic open-access e-journal, published with the Scientific Council of the Association of Haptotherapists in the Netherlands. It welcomes academic papers, articles and reviews on theories and practices of haptonomy, particularly haptotherapy.


Editorial office

Dr. A. (Adriaan) Visser, editor-in-chief

C. (Christine) Bak

J.W. (Willem) Hagg

I. (Ineke) van Rijsselberg


Editorial board

B. (Bob) Boot, MSc

Dr. R.J. (Ruud) Bosscher

Professor J. (Joachim) Duyndam

Emeritus Professor H.C.G. (Han) Kemper

H. (Harald) Laman, MD

E.C. (Els) Plooij MSc


Editorial support

K.J. (Klaas Jan) Hindriks, journalist

B. (Bas) Klabbers, webmaster 

R.J. (Rosalie) Steinmann, translations

Sponsors and Support
    Dutch Association of GZ- Haptotherapists